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Why do we always feel guilty when we shop for ourselves?

This post is sponsored by RBC. All expressed opinions and experiences are our own words.

When was the last time you treated yourself? Like really treated yourself with zero guilt. As moms we always put our kids first. Thanks to RBC we are putting ourselves first. Did you know RBC has introduced a new and unique service called Payback with Points at Point of Sale that enables clients with an RBC Rewards credit card to pay for part – or all – of a point-of-sale purchase with their RBC Rewards points. Payback with Points at Point of Sale is integrated into Samsung Pay for a seamless payment and redemption experience, and is also available in the RBC Wallet on all other Android and iOS devices. RBC is the first bank in Canada to offer this unique payment capability through a mobile wallet. From dining, to groceries, to splurging on a new wardrobe you can use your points to pay right at the point of sale.

A recent report from Bond Loyalty showed that Canadians have nearly $16 billion in unredeemed loyalty points. While there are a probably many reasons why consumers might be holding onto their points – saving for a big trip erc. – a big factor might be that they just don’t know what to do with them. Well now that solution is solved!

Here is how it all works:

When using Samsung Pay, a client will see the option to pay with their RBC Rewards points under their RBC Rewards credit card within the Samsung Pay App. Clients will set the dollar and point value they would like to redeem for their upcoming transactions.

Step 1: At point of sale, swipe up on your Samsung device to initiate Simple Pay, select your RBC Rewards card from your mobile wallet and then select “Pay with RBC Rewards”

Step 2: Use the slider to determine how many points you’d like to use.

Step 3: Authenticate and pay

Alternative to Simple Pay (through the Samsung Pay App) Open the Samsung Pay App, select the RBC Rewards credit card to view the Card Details page and use the slider to determine how many points you’d like to use; authenticate and pay.

Watch how we learned to not feel guilty about going shopping for ourselves and how RBC helped alleviate that guilt. Happy shopping and enjoy using your points to treat yourself.


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