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5 Ways to Build and Online Community that Trusts you, not just Follows you

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

It has taken us over 5 years to build an online community of over 40k with all our platforms combined. To give perspective, that’s the size of a city like Bradford. As you are reading this keep in mind every city started out with 1, 2, 3 people and just grew and grew. Think of your social media account like that. Give people a reason to be part of your online community and keep in mind everyone started out with 1 follower, 1 sale, 1 like. Unless you have the last name Kardashian. One of the biggest hurdles people on social media face is they get wrapped in the numbers game. They equate success with a high social media following. That is completely incorrect. The minute you stop thinking about the numbers and start building a community based on respect and integrity you will grow not by numbers but by respect. What matters most to you? The numbers or respect? If it’s the numbers you can buy 50,000 fake followers for Instagram for $35. You can buy fake likes and fake comments too. If you’re ready to build a real, engaged and authentic online community for your business, keep on reading. Here are our 5 ways to build an online community that trusts you not just follows you. Trust is pivotal, because when you build trust, you build a relationship and when you build a relationship you build a brand.

  1. Share your WHY Over and over again in social posts. Why you started your business. What is your WHY? What is the story behind your business name? IS your WHY people? Is your WHY your children? Share your WHY over and over again. At least once a month.

  2. Don’t JUST share your triumphs, share your hardships too. People connect with real stories, everyone has faced hardship at some point. Let your community connect with you on a deeper level and realize you aren’t perfect. Now more than ever people yearn for imperfection than perfection.

  3. The most amount of building happens in the DM’s. Respond to every direct message. Not just with an emoji. Respond to people by their name. Respond with a voice note to make it even more personable. Social media is relationship building. If someone pours your heart out to you, do you respond with a heart emoji? NO. Genuinely take the time to respond.

  4. Have a conversation on your feed and on your posts as if you are going out with friends for coffee. Make it less formal. Ask their opinion, their insight, let them share too. If your post is not grammatically correct and sounds a bit slang or like you. That’s a good thing, that’s what you want. Makes the conversation more real.

  5. Show up for your online community-Comment on their posts, give back to your community, be there for them as much as you can. Collaborate with others in your niche. Don’t just expect the community to come to you. Build and connect with others.

BONUS Tip: Show your face. If you own a business and have yet to share a picture of yourself, now is the time. People want to see the person behind the business. One of the worst pieces of business advice we got years ago was to keep it professional and don’t share too much personal pictures. SHARE THEM. People relate to people. People connect to stories. Trust us on this one. We aren’t saying post a picture every day of yourself but at least once a month share some behind the scenes images or videos of yourself running your business and sharing your WHY.

If you are looking for some more social media tips and inspo you can follow us on Instagram @theggmediagroup or @theggsisters. We are here for you. Laura & Josie Cannone


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