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What’s AGE got to do with it?

Believe it or not we were taken advantage in a variety of different ways when we started our business years ago. Some clients listened to our protocol and rules around our parties and practices and some didn’t. I (Josie) remember wearing braces and a man telling me I’m not listening to you, you’re a teenager. Totally ignoring me and belittling me. I remember it ruining my entire week. I will never forget it, but I also remember I would learn how to deal with it for future. I was in my twenties and was wearing braces because I wanted nice teeth for my upcoming wedding LOL. I wasn’t a teenager I was 28! And if I was a teenager you still shouldn’t treat me that way. I (Laura) remember having a client tell me that Glama Gal is an American company and the owners are millionaires and that I should give her free loot bags because my boss will never know and since I’m the manager I can do that. I said thank you but I’m one of the creators and here are my articles of incorporation and my license so you see me and my sis are the creators. I use coupons, have a mortgage, and am expecting my first child. I work 12 hours at minimum a day, and am happy if I get to pay myself a pay cheque this week, and no you are not getting anything for FREE this is our hard worked money. So a few things to learn from this post. Never go into any business establishment putting employees down, never assume, and if you own a business never feel intimated because someone is older than you and thinks they know better. Be honest and tell them who you are, what you do and why you do that. If they can’t respect your business or protocol they aren’t the clients you want anyways. One of our biggest hurdles at the beginning was our AGE. We were viewed as naive and not knowing what we were doing, and believe us we did get taken advantage of because of our age. More stories every week on our journey!


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