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The Ultimate GG Sister Indoor Play Day

Includes Printable with kids passport and sign stations

We always hear mommy we are BORED…

Yet there are tons of toys, games and books to play with. So we say let’s watch a movie then 20 minutes into the movie someone’s getting up to go to the washroom, someone’s thirsty and we are back at Mommy what can we do. Because of the cold weather, there wasn’t a lot to do at the cottage today… the kids were having cabin fever so we decided to get creative and combine our business experience in kids programming and mix it with parenting and voila The GG Sister Ultimate Indoor Play Day was created. We got a ton of messages asking what we did, did the kids stay focussed etc. They lasted approximately 3 hours. We did have to monitor a few of the activities and stay with them and some they did on their own. For those of us who are parents we are all parenting experts in our own way and what works for us may work for you or it may not, but here is the scoop on what we did and how we literally used what we had.

1. Create fun passports to show each station and after each station is done put a sticker beside it.

2. Stations- Set up each station with a fun sign and every half hour tell SWITCH so they go to the next station. Monitor for the first few minutes during the SWITCH.

3. Puzzle Station- Puzzle on the table and they make the puzzle

4. Imagination Station- Stickers and a Garden background scene (print from google) we had a book from Melissa & Doug we used.

5. Science Station- Freeze a freezie with ice and salt + Let it rain activity. Use sponge over cup & see how much water the sponge holds before it rains.

6. Reading Station- Set up books, pillows, quiet music (play something from YouTube) & let them read.

7. Craft station- Set up a bunch of leftover crafts & tell them to use their imagination make something & surprise you!

8. Water Station- Fill up bathtub w/water & make boats out of foil paper and see how many coins it takes until they sink.

9. Math Station- Just google math printables & grade child is & print math sheet. Want the printable passport and station signs for this activity? Click here to download now.


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