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Show the human side to your biz!

We are back to work and back to reality and you know how much we love sharing our biz truths and tips with you. So here we go…..When we first started our business in 2006 we were told this is professional, this isn’t professional, always show professionalism. We were told don’t post too much about your personal life, focus more on the brand and it’s services, etc. Well guess what all of that was BAD ADVICE. If you own a business and are in any type of business show your clients the heartbeat of your business. Be proud that you are someone’s mom, dad, wife etc. running that business. Give your audience online a weekly glimpse behind the scenes of your personal life. From a post about working late but managing to kiss your kids goodnight, to a post about how you’re working from home yet still trying to enjoy summer with your kids, to a post introduction of your husband and kids and that they are your WHY. Your clients will respect you more because they can relate to you. So if you are ever wondering about posting some personal stuff on your business feed- JUST DO IT! People need to see the human side to your business. Do you agree?

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