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Our top 5 gifts from Munchkin this season

All week long Ella has been skipping around the house singing “you better watch out, you better not shout, you better not cry, I am telling you why.…” You know the rest. I am not sure if she is singing it as a reminder to herself or to me!

But with December upon us, now is the perfect time to think about what you really want. If you are like Josie and I, your family has been asking you, “What can I get you? What do you need?” And if you are also like us, when put on the spot, our minds go blank.

That is why we are here to help you. Well, really hf is here to help you as we are letting you know about our favourite Munchkin products. Here are our top five must haves!

Before you question our logic, head outside and look inside your car. It’s a mess isn’t it? Stuff is littered everywhere. You can’t find a thing, especially the spare diaper changing pad. Do yourself a favour and ask for the Munchkin Out N About Trunk Organizer and Change Station.

Made with durable, easy to clean material, this collapsible trunk organizer has so many pockets, you will more organized than ever before! You have pockets for toys, clothes, shoes, or those needed supplies. Plus, there is room for diapers and wipes. But what we love is that there is a changing pad and a disposable diaper bag dispenser. No more emergency changes on your car seats, your (now clean and organized) trunk can become a diaper changing station with all the needed products at your fingertips. The Munchkin Out N About Trunk Organizer and Change Station lets you take that road trip to grandmas with one less worry.

While we are on the subject of road trips, let’s talk about the Brica® Firefly™ Baby In-Sight® Mirror. We love this product and think it makes a perfect Santa gift for both mom and babe. Your little one will be enthralled with this mirror that glitters with LED lights that dance around while music plays softly in the background. Choose the entertaining mode and your baby is introduced to patterns of light dancing in time to the lively songs. Long day and a tired baby? Switch to soothing mode and let your child drift to sleep as relaxing music plays and the lights softly twinkle, fading in and out. There are 24 minutes of music pre-programmed, with songs such as Remember the Chase and Bare Foot Sunset. Best of all, it comes equipped with a remote, meaning the front seat can control the music, lights and volume.

Our next must have gift is the The Shhh…™. We love this gift. I know, you are again shaking your heads at us, thinking why are we adding noise to the house when we are trying to get our babes to sleep? Let me tell you why, white noise is your friend. Babies do not need silent homes. Think about your tummy, do you think it is silent in there? So why do we need silence on the outside? Designed to help baby sleep and give tired, worn out parents a break The Shhh…™ features three specific sounds to first calm down an upset baby (shushing noise), lull them into a calm state (heartbeat noise), and eventually keep them asleep (white noise). It also features a timer, and nightlight which can even pulse in sync with the noise. It is portable and battery powered. This is the gift that may just make you believe that all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a baby!

We simply cannot forget about bath time! When Ella was a baby, she loved her baths and we love the Munchkin Hook, Line and Sinker toy. Designed for kids two years of age and older, this set contains a magnetic fishing rod and three underwater bobbers. Kids will love fishing for the toys while they splash around. Parents will love their air-tight feature, helping to reduce mold and mildew. And, what’s not to love when a toy not only entertains but helps develop hand-eye coordination? It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Let’s round out the top five with a Stocking Stuffer idea that is a great gift for every baby and toddler. Nope, not another teething giraffe. It’s a nasal aspirator and I fully believe the Clear Nose by Munchkin is all the rage. This is a gift that will clear up a stuffy nose without scaring your little one or to be honest, grossing you out. Complete with three different shaped nose tips, this nasal aspirator does not required a filter. And it does come with its own carry case. Win win all around!

Let us know what gifts you get over the holiday season. Be sure to tag us and share your joy!

Check out our video as we show you why we love each product!


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