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Our first speaking engagement together!

Whattta night! For the first time we hit the stage TOGETHER and shared our story as The GG Sisters. We have and always will be two sisters who started a business with nothing back in 2006, who sold birthday party packages on eBay at the beginning to gain capital, who printed Mapquest directions and would travel to peoples homes and throw kids spa parties, who started a business out of our parents basement, and who hustle and will continue to hustle every damn day. Some people measure success based on the amount of money they have made, the amount of stores they open, or the amount of products they have sold. We measure success based on the amount of people we INSPIRED and will continue to INSPIRE. Always remember no matter if you have 1 follower or 1 million, 1 client or a gazzillion, 1 store or a chain of 100 don’t ever ever forget the people you met on your way up you will meet them on your way down (yes down happens sorry). Treat and support everyone equally and don’t forget who supported you along the way. Thank you to all our friends and family who came and supported.


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