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We share so many successes on here but it’s also important for us to share our failures too. To us a failure is actually success. So we decided to give it a nicer name. ⁣ “FIXCESS”⁣ Because with every failure we ALL have the power to FIX it, turn things around and turn it into a SUCCESS. Hence our new GG Sisters coined term -> “FIXCESS”. (Trademarking that 😂) So this weekend we went through a BIG “FIXCESS”. Let’s be honest we were due for a “FIXCESS”. ⁣ Because we share our highs and lows with all of you, despite all the funny stories, infamous “dump cake- that you saw this weekend, we were actually dealing with stressful work stuff. So many entrepreneurs deal with work stuff that they never share. ⁣

Within an hour an entrepreneur can be dealing with an upset client, incorrect order, negative online review and then seconds later be dealing with a happy client, ton of orders and lots of bookings, that is the roller coaster of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.⁣ We are sharing our “FIXCESS” with all of you. It was hard, it was scary and we will overcome it. ⁣ FIXCESS makes you re-evaluate ⁣ FIXCESS makes you focus ⁣ FIXCESS make you work harder ⁣ FIXCESS makes you humble ⁣ FIXCESS makes you wiser ⁣ No one really talks about FIXCESS on here and we need to talk about it more. ⁣ So just remember if you are going through a FIXCESS. ⁣ ⁣Just remember FIXCESS is YOUR⁣ SUCCESS! We need to share more about OUR FIXCESS’ not just SUCCESS! Do you like the new term?


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