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Holiday Hair Hacks

Holiday Hair Hacks

If there is one thing you know about Laura and me, it is that we love to take photos. Whether they are selfies, family action shots, or pics of the kids playing, we love to take them!

With the holiday season upon us, getting the kids hair cut for family pics and outings is a must. Take a moment and think about the next few weeks. How many office functions, family gatherings, neighbourhood get togethers, school holiday concerts or house parties do you have on your calendar? I can count ten on my schedule and Laura has more than that. So our hack is to get the kids haircuts now just before the holiday event season is in full swing.

Located in communities across the GTA, Great Clips makes haircuts and styles quick, easy and cost-effective during the busy holiday season. Even better, the Great Clips App lets you find your local salon, see when there is availability, secure your spot, set a reminder and even do an on-line check in. How easy is that? And if you are caught looking for a last-minute haircut or stuck in a different part of the city, the app lets you search for salons near you with available times. No more staying on hold for precious minutes or calling different locations. You are in charge and you can pop in for the time that is best available for you. Seamless, right?

There is another great function I want to tell you about. But to fully understand it, I am going to let you in on a little-known Laura-secret and how Great Clips is her friend. Laura, when she is in full-on holiday planning mode, tends to get forgetful. She is so busy making her home look and feel just right for the holidays. She is planning, she is entertaining, and she is working. So sometimes, her appointments get missed or worse, she is running late to them. It is almost like Great Clips knew this about her and created a Laura-friendly feature known as the Haircut Reminder. This new mobile tool allows customers using iOS or Android devices to easily select a time or specific date to receive a friendly prompt about your next haircut. You can even snooze the alert to be reminded closer to the haircut time. Just set it up in the Haircut Reminder section and you will get that ping on your phone, reminding you that you are due for a haircut. How great is that? All you have to do is download the Great Clips App!

What is my favourite feature of the Great Clips App? That is so easy. The Clip Notes which allows any stylist at any location to see notes from past visits. No matter where GM gets his hair done, the stylist will know what he likes. No more sitting and explaining his preferred style or type of haircut. The app has all that info.

So this holiday season, take some stress off. Download the Great Clips App and let it work for you. Did we mention how affordable it is? Especially during the holidays when come money can tight with gifts and all. Ella and GM loved their new cuts and styles. Their smiles say it all!

And they are all ready for their holiday pics, events and more!


This post is sponsored by Great Clips. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own.


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