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Ella, GM and Mr. A’s fave toys this holiday season!

Ella, GM and Mr. A’s fave toys this holiday season!

We know that feeling of unwrapping the toy you always wanted, we know that feeling of waiting patiently for our parent to assemble our toys and find the tool kit from the garage, we know that feeling of waking up early and going to bed until your eyes burn, because all you did all day was play with your new toys. It’s that excitement, that reaction that makes us re-live Christmas through our kids eyes. The kids were asked to test out some toys this holiday season and you can see by their reaction they were a hit. We are going to share our approved toy list for this holiday season.

Ella finally got her and

Mr. A received his first Set with the

GM is in his glory with.

The kids couldn’t stop laughing with the game… who we kidding we loved it too.

So this year make a promise to yourself and your kids to re-live the moments from your youth through them. Be in the moment, get on their level and be a memory maker for them.

This post was sponsored by Mattel however all thoughts and ideas are our own.


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