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Easy Peasy Back to School Hair Cuts for the Kids

Easy Peasy Back to School Hair Cuts for the Kids with Great Clips

Those who know us, know that time is precious. We are certain that many of you would agree with us on this. With family responsibilities, work obligations, and little time left for social engagements, a haircut for our precious littles is the last thing on our minds. Then, once it crosses our mind that a haircut is needed, we call to book an appointment. Oh, what’s that? You’re fully booked for the day? Oh, the week?

This scenario was all too familiar for us. That is until we heard of Great Clips and their unique online check in service and app, allowing users to schedule an appointment anytime, from anywhere. The best part? The app (available on the App Store and Google Play) is easy to use and there a ton of locations to select, according to your location details. Simply select the location, enter the number of guests, then head on over to receive that high-quality, affordable haircut.

We recently went to get our children’s hair cut, using the app for the very first time. We had visited Great Clips in the past and we were always pleased with the quality of haircut, including how each stylist was welcoming and engaging during each visit with our children. When Gianmarco, Josie’s 5-year-old son, sat himself down in that chair during our most recent visit, the hairdresser knew exactly the fade haircut that he wanted and asked him if he was interested in doing something similar or different today. How did she know? Clip Notes. Every professional hair stylist at Great Clips can access notes from each visit to ensure that you receive the haircut that you want each time you visit. We especially love this idea for when we send Dad or Uncle Rob to the salon with our children. Don’t worry- all of the information is on file!

If a haircut for your child or yourself is on your to-do list for back to school, you can easily check off that item thanks to Great Clips and their convenient, easy-to use service. With 150 locations in Canada and a reputation for delivering consistently high-quality cuts for our families, we couldn’t be happier.


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