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5 ways to set Business Boundaries

HOW TO SET BUSINESS BOUNDARIES The word BOUNDARIES has been a BUZZ word over the last few years. Lots of people talking about relationship boundaries etc. Let’s take it one step further and flip the conversation to talk about Business Boundaries. We implore you to make your OWN list of Business Boundaries since everyone’s business and mindset is diverse on the subject. Here are a few of our own that we have developed over the years.


1️⃣ I WILL CHOOSE MY CLIENTS. If a relationship with a client doesn’t feel right or doesn’t feel aligned with your business morals, don’t continue with the transaction. HOW TO DO THIS: I don’t think this is a fit for us at this time, perhaps you should find someone else to make, create, work with you at this time. Etc.

2️⃣ I WILL NOT FEEL FORCED- To offer a discount, to match someone’s pricing, donate something, attend an event etc. I will not justify my pricing structure etc. 3️⃣ I WILL NOT COLLABORATE if I don’t want to- UH oh…did we strike a chord here. We are all about collaboration, but you DON’T have to collaborate with everyone, you DON’t have to support everyone, you DON’T have to say YES to everyone. YOU WILL NOT PLEASE everyone and that’s ok. Years ago we would try to PLEASE everyone and saying NO was something we hardly ever did. Say NO and be ok with it. 4️⃣ CREATE POLICIES & GUIDELINES: For example share with your clients.. No Refunds or Exchanges, No DM’s, Response time within 24 hours, have a sign off contract in place etc. These are just a few examples of how to train your clients on your business policies etc. 5️⃣ PAYMENT BOUNDARIES- One of the biggest struggles we have is asking for money that is owed to us from vendors, suppliers etc. Set payment terms and act if the client hasn’t delivered on them. You worked hard for your money don’t be afraid to ask what’s owed to you. When you set boundaries which can be really icky and awkward sometimes, you will gain confidence from within and respect from others. Trust Us!


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