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5 Reasons Why

We get asked a lot about how we do what we do and how quickly The GG Sisters media channels grew in the past two and half years. The truth is we have actually been part of the blogging & content creating world for over 6 years. At the beginning we wore the hat of hiring bloggers to spread the word about Glama Gals & creating Blogger programs with our friends @h2odigital. We have worn both hats when it comes to the social media world. Based on this we think we have some knowledge to share with those of you in this space. So here’s our

5 Reasons Why….

1️⃣ STORY: What is your story? Why is your business, product, blog, Instagram account so different than anyone else’s? Then keep telling your story over and over again. Let people know what you are known for.

2️⃣ VALUE: What value are you bringing to your audience? Are you teaching DIY crafts for teachers? Are you showing your audience healthy meals in under 20 mins? The more you focus on what you are doing the better your audience will understand you. Also DON’T UNDER VALUE your work. Your time is money. It’s ok if someone says NO to your rates. Know your worth and STICK TO IT.

3️⃣ STOP: 🛑 worrying, watching and waiting to see what everyone else is doing online. 🛑 worrying about when to post, how to post, how much to post. Just do YOU and use that “worrying” energy to build your brand. Easier said than done right?

4️⃣ BE NICE: Be NICE TO everyone, no matter if you have 100 followers or 100k. We always say this. But seriously BE NICE to everyone no matter what. If you get invited to a brand event and say you’re going GO. Don’t bail. That PR company is counting on you, and if you want to build a relationship with a brand or PR company you have to give a little to get a little. Over deliver sometimes, & remember the brand/PR person you are working with is like your colleague, you are working with them not for them. Focus on building REAL relationships with people you meet for no monetary or status gain. We can smell an opportunist a mile away (we learned that the hard way), don’t be known for that either.

5️⃣ RESPOND: Respond to every comment & message as much as you can. They believe in you and your brand. Social media is a relationship you both have to work on it. It is not just one sided.


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