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Your WHY is different than our WHY- and that’s OK!

Not everyone will understand why you posted that pic, posted that video, posted that blog, worked with that brand, chose that career, why you started that business, why you work long hours, why you moved to that area, why you wore that outfit, why you decided to take that trip, why you are friends with that person, why you are married to that person, why you went to that event, why you spoke your mind, & why you are HAPPY. You don’t need to understand their WHY you need to understand your WHY. We would always worry and we still worry what others think, we are conditioned like that, but Josie and I are slowly learning it’s not our WHY it’s someone else’s WHY. We live in a world where judgement is easy to post about and talk about and we also live in the same world where everyone is posting and talking about not judging, being positive and supporting one another. It is the ultimate PARADOX. So today follow our lead, make it YOUR WHY not someone else’s and just laugh like me in this pic and remember you make your own freedom in your mind. This life is your WHY!


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