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You will never know what story is behind a pink dress…

#tbt with a story for you all. This photo was taken in 2014 during the grand opening of the the 5th Glama Gal location. I, Josie, spent the past month Sick Kids Toronto with GM. He had streptococcus and remained quarantined here until his fever settled. This hospital soon became my second home for close to a month and during his stay, I recall setting up a desk in the room, taking calls, and answering emails- all while being by his side with my husband. As evidenced here, owning a business has its highs and lows. The lows – business doesn’t stop just because something is happening in your personal life. The high? Being so busy gave me a distraction late at night when GM would fall asleep. It was family day weekend 4 years ago when he was admitted and then about a month later, I was at the grand opening at one of the franchised stores. I’ll never forget the moment that Laura told me she would take care of my outfit (Eeek!) Laura rushed to the mall that morning, picked out a pink dress, matching shoes, and nylons, and proceeded to rush me into getting ready. I was running on a few hours of sleep, I had lost a ton of weight, and I felt completely unpresentable. Nevertheless, I motored on and got myself ready! In other contexts, I know that many mothers have had to show up and appear “presentable” when really, a whole other side story is consuming them. On this day and behind this smile, was one very tired mom with the most grateful heart.


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