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REPEAT after us. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK. This week you are going to make your own luck. LUCK isn’t given to you, it wasn’t handed to you. You worked and continue to work for everything you have and have had. Luck has nothing to do with anything you have. Stop someone and don’t be afraid to tell them….YOU WORKED FOR YOUR LUCK. When someone says we are lucky, we say thank you but if you only knew how hard it was and still is. No ones knows what’s in your bank account, how many jobs you took just to make ends meet, how many long hours you stayed working on a project, how many times you didn’t get to tuck your babies in, how sick you got, how much money you have lost on a bad business decision, how much you sacrificed to be where you are. So the next time someone says YOU ARE SO LUCKY say thanks I made that luck. Now go have a great week making your own LUCK.

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