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You can’t mimic creativity!

Had a conversation yesterday and today with a good friend of ours who has created a unique concept and one of the biggest challenges she has been faced with over the past year is “copycats”. It’s actually something every single business is faced with and if you have a business or are considering starting one.. guess what you are gonna face it too. In our early years we were faced with it steady, we would be angry, bitter, we would talk about about it all the time and be consumed by it. But really how is that helping you or your biz. Believe it or not someone copying is actually the best damn thing to happen to you. Crazy right?! If we feel threatened or pushed up against a wall you know what our instinct is right? It’s to be better, grow, be innovative and take our biz to the next level. It will take us out of our comfort zones to not just settle. So the next time you think or feel someone is copying you etc.. say THANK YOU and remove that negative vibe and energy and spin it to a positive one. Biz tip of the week right there. To the friend we wrote this for you know who you are -this is for you! It’s also for each and everyone of you too that need to hear it. And to the so called “copycats” it’s ok to be inspired by someone’s else idea, just be tactful and try to make it your own. We are all influenced by each other subconsciously and sometimes don’t even realize it. We are guilty of it too. #sundaythoughts #weareonaroll #wisdom #findtheoositiveeveryday #findthejoy #quotes #entrepreneurquotes


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