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What’s for Dinner Insta Community?

Do you ever run out of easy ideas of what to cook for dinner? We aren’t no master chefs here, so don’t worry. When we were on the gram last night we invited our instagram community to tell us what they were making for dinner. We then decided to compile a list of what everyone was making so that if we ever needed a quick menu idea we could access it. Below you will see what was for dinner last night from everyone who responded.

This was what was for dinner on Tuesday October 9th, 2018 the day after the Canadian Thanksgiving

54 Menu Ideas

1. _melip & marynacc& deborahcarnovale & ada.c- Tacos

2. Lorichurchill- Cesar Salad with left over bacon from brunch

3. Nataliecinquemani-Rice Fettucine with Broccoli, olive oil, and parmesan cheese

4. Chriissi- Shrimp Tacos with coleslaw in a flour tortilla

5. Liz_cannone- Ricotta Kale Rigatoni can swap with Rapini

6. Jessicamacera- Southwest Chicken Bowl

7. Maritza19m- Codfish and Potatoes in the oven with onions and tomatoe sauce on top

8. Slaselva- Cremini Mushrooms in white cream sauce with tagliatelle pasta

9. Franca_gabrielli- Insta Pot everything

10. Carm_05- Pasta & Broccoi, Tacos and Salmon

11. Sabrinaandcarlagrace- Turkey Pot Pie (Thanksgiving left overs)

12. Laladlalad- Fajiats in Crock pot

13. Susettatavares- Slow Cooker Pot roast with Rice

14. Josephineacreativelife- Frittata or one pot pasta

15. Lianacrimi- left over turkey

16. Mylifestories4- Rice, Crockpot chicken with potatoes

17. Lisottac- Chicken thighs, grilled polenta, grilled pineapple and salad

18. My2girlz- Pasta and meat sauce

19. Naiello3- Personal pizzas with wrap as the base- Easy & tons of veggies

20. Mmmgal- Crab Cakes

21. Fortheloveoffoodandlife- Pasta with Tuna and Tomatoes

22. Andia_p- Buddha Bowl with left over veggies from fridge and quinoa

23. Andia_p- Sheppards Pie

24. Andia_p- Steak Sandwiches

25. Andia_p- Cauliflower fried rice with veggies, bacon and goat cheese

26. Naomilynn21 & Petrakingphotography- Lasagna

27. S_u_n_f_l_o_w_e_r_s_- Perogies, Sausages, and Cabbage

28. Nadiabrugia- Pizza in the stone oven

29. Danic81- Stir Fry and Meatballs

30. Melaniecsontos- Chicken Cesar Wraps

31. Mdelucz & sousakang & Cheryl_hsktt_crpntr & sousakang & cinzia_del8- Pasta

32. Iamannagreco & saradgmira & susiesweets77- Leftovers

33. Tashiapesl_webb- Beef Enchilladas in Low Carb Tortillas

34. Jackiestu80- Cincinatti Chilli over spaghetti noodles smothered in cheddar cheese

35. Alabtucci- Steak and Salad

36. Toandfro21- Left over pasta

37. Xtremecouponmom- NOTHING

38. Patty_martins- Pasta Fagioli, Gluten Free Pasta, and Pasta Pesto

39. Vcensoni_costa- Stuffed peppers with Fettina and Salad

40. Frias4life- Perogies

41. Joannac0520- Grilled Chicken & Salad

42. Young_living_oil_bella- Fish, brown rice and Salad

43. Sorrentino20- Pasta with Meatballs

44. Lindsay_pinsy- Chicken Fingers

45. Josie GG Sister- Eggplant Parmesan

46. Kaylagreco0- Turkey and Ham

47. Mrs_booomzz- Pasta with broccoli

48. Poker_Queen7- Minestrone with Rice

49. Lisamariecolapietro- Alfredo Sauce with Pancetta and Pasta

50. m.lopez.diana- Homemade Turkey Burgers

51. ldags27- Pastina

52. eventfulzoe- Pepperoni’s, Cucumber, Blueberries, Pretzels, And Hummus

52. nat_dido- Pulled Pork

53.rosiebrar3- Making Indian Food

54. Tinaminicozzi- Pasta with ricotta & Veal Cutlets and Veggies

55. seholtzman- Curry Beef Stew Slow Cooker


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