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We made a home for our LINDT GOLD BUNNY

Everywhere you look there are signs of spring. The snow and ice are gone. Bulbs are peeking through the soil. And gold bunnies are popping up across the city. You know what we are talking about!

It’s the time of year when we get ready for the Easter Bunny! It is one of our favourite holidays, not only is it family-time but we also get to prepare for Easter Bunny visits, egg hunts, and more.

Below we share with you some fun ways we incorporate the magic of Easter into our homes; filling the children with excitement and chocolate.

Step 1 – Start at your doorstep: Our kids love to receive letters in the mail. Knowing this, we begin our Easter morning off with the Lindt Gold Bunny sitting at our doorstep with a note tucked under him. Squeals of laughter fill our street when the special note and LINDT GOLD BUNNY are discovered. Click here and you can print off a copy of the note to use for yourself.

Fun Fact: Did you know the LINDT GOLD BUNNY is a recognized symbol of Easter around the world, and a playful part of Easter traditions from arts and crafts and baking to table décor and gifting?

Step 2 – Get your supplies: Purchase the following supplies from your local craft store. Clay pots, moss, mini barn doors and accessories, stones, glue gun, mason jars, and ribbon. We created two homes for our bunnies.

Step 3Get crafting with the kids: You are going to make your LINDT GOLD BUNNY his special home. With adult supervision, have your child hot glue gun the door in the middle of the clay pot. While the glue is still hot, attach the stones all around it. Fill it with moss and add your LINDT GOLD BUNNY on top.

For more fun download the app “The Bell That Rang In Easter”. Focusing on values of giving and friendship, the app was created by Lindt to give families an opportunity to create new Easter traditions for years to come. This true tale of the Gold Bunny’s creation tells the story of a magical friendship between a small bunny named Theo and a very special little girl named Emma. The “Bell That Rang In Easter” was written by award-winning Canadian author Ashley Spires.

We love that Lindt goes beyond chocolate and has created an interactive and meaningful element for kids with this app. Visit to download the app free from iTunes and Google Play.

Step 4 – Marvel at your creation: You are done! But we aren’t. Keep reading for Step 5.

Step 5 – Take it to the next level: We decided to create a garden themed table centerpiece where we can add their homes on each end. We fill it with flowers, LINDOR Eggs and more LINDT GOLD BUNNY different sizes.

Fun Fact: Did you know more than 3 million LINDT GOLD BUNNY were sold in Canada in 2017 alone?.

Watch us do all of the above LIVE by clicking play below. Plus watch the video for a BONUS Bunny home creation.

Watch us do all of the above LIVE by clicking play below. Plus watch the video for a BONUS Bunny home creation. The LINDT GOLD BUNNY is beautifully dressed in gold foil, with a ribbon and golden bell that rings. The LINDT GOLD BUNNY is available in milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and hazelnut. What is your fave Lindt flavour? The LINDT GOLD BUNNY is available in a variety of sizes including mini, 10g, 50g, 100g, 200g, and even a 1kg size which retails for $83.99.

Very Fun Fact: Did you know that you can personalize your LINDT GOLD BUNNY with a name or message printed on the red ribbon at select Lindt Stores across Canada. Visit for a store locator.

From this March 23 to March 31st join Lindt Canada for fun, family-friendly LINDT GOLD BUNNY Easter activities at Square One Shopping Mall in Mississauga, ON.

Families can: · Enjoy live story telling of the Bell that Rang in Easter, a digital storybook app written by award winning Canadian author, Ashley Spires · Receive a personalized Gold Bunny ribbon · Participate in fun, interactive activities · Have their photo taken with The Bell that Rang in Easter backgrounds

Happy Easter Everyone!!

*This post was sponsored by Lindt. Please note all thoughts are own and we genuinely love LINDT. In fact we were eating some as we typed out this post *

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