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We have no advice for you, except that they’re going to be ok and so are you.

To all the moms sending their kids off to school for the first time next week. This ones for you! …. You’re going to cry and maybe they will too. You’re going to look at the clock and wonder what they are doing every minute. You’re going to worry if they ate their snack, lunch etc. You’re going to wonder if they opened all their snacks and aren’t starving. Oh and you will start to panicking thinking about them going to the washroom on their own, if they cleaned themselves properly. You’re going to wonder if they made a friend and if they are all alone and you are going to start to cry when you think about that. Like cry multiple times throughout the day. You’re going to consider calling the school and asking if they are ok, then you’re going to stop and say no you’re not that parent. Then your mind will repeat thinking that scenario about ten times, and then you will actually call or ask your friend or spouse what you should do. You’re going to arrive to pick them up an hour early and when they run out of there with the biggest smiles on their face, you’re going to ask them what they did and how their day was. Guess what?! They are going to say nothing. Yup.. you will try to ask about what they did, what they played, what they learned, and what friends they made and you will get nothing. LOL! They may tell you about a kid that got in trouble but that’s about it. Unless you have some mom super powers where they spill the beans. And if you do share your secret with us.

We have no advice for you, except that they’re going to be ok and so are you.

Well maybe you won’t be ok right away but after a few months you will. Kidding!


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