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Top 10 things to know when registering at buybuy BABY

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand we love. All opinions here are our own.

It feels like just yesterday we were walking through the aisles zapping everything for Josie’s registry for Baby #2 Alessandro. It was one of the easiest, most comforting & seamless processes we have ever been through. From start to finish the team at buybuy BABY makes you feel like they are on this birthing journey with you. Let’s be honest this whole becoming a mom is the most important journey of your life so why not kick it off with a great start and that’s where buybuy BABY comes in. Don’t panic if you don’t know what to add to your registry or if you don’t know if you are choosing the right items or not. We got you and so does buybuy BABY. Below is all you need to know when it comes to Registry Time.

  1. Schedule an appointment with the registry team. This way you are prepared and so are they.

  2. Dress comfortable and light- you are going to be walking up and down those aisles. When I was pregnant no matter where I was I would get hot easily.

  3. They give you a checklist of ideas to get for your registry. Now if you want do your homework in advance, ask for this checklist a week prior and go through the website or visit the store prior to this visit. Then come up with questions so that when you have your time with the team member you can ask them. They are so educated and literally know everything.

  4. Coat check, water, washroom, and nursery room – All easy access, clean and ready for you to use. Keyword here is convenience.

  5. You get a free goody bag with samples, coupons and more. Great thank you for registering gift!

  6. Free announcement cards so everyone knows where you registered.

  7. Your guests can also purchase from your registry online or at any Bed Bath & Beyond for you. Did you know buybuy BABY is affiliated with Bed Bath & Beyond so the items you choose in-store can be shipped either to you, or to the person who is registered. Hack: You can also use those 20% off coupons.

  8. If you are buying a gift from the registry no need to rush around buying wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper or cards, buybuy BABY has entire gift-wrapping station dedicated to these essentials and best part its FREE.

  9. Sharing is caring, they have a great referral program. Get $25 off a $100 purchase when refer someone to register at buybuy BABY.

  10. Final 10 literally!! Get 10% off your entire purchase when you come back to purchase some of the items you didn’t get on your registry.

Now stop what you’re doing go register or tell your friends that are pregnant to register. P.S. Don’t ever think it’s too late register. You can register for a 1st birthday party or 2nd birthday they have tons of gifts and things toddlers not just babies need to!

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand we love. All opinions here are our own.

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