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This is what we aren’t about….

This is a list of things we aren’t about … After you read the list you can decide if you still want to follow us, hit unfollow, or share this post on your stories and tell all your friends to follow us !LOL!

Our clothes aren’t always ironed and sometimes you will find a stain if you zoom in on a pic, like this one. Spot Laura’s breakfast on her shirt.

Our pics on our Instagram feed aren’t professional or touched up. It’s a quick pic from our phone and we max out the brightness setting so it kinda looks professional.

We aren’t mean..we are actually proud of this one. We are nice to everyone no matter what they have done, said or did to us. Sometimes it can be our downfall but we will never change, it’s in us to always be GIVERS. No matter how many self help books we read we won’t change.

We aren’t about numbers.. from our age, to what’s in our bank account, to worrying about how many followers, likes, views or subscribers we have. We don’t like NUMBERS.. unless it’s a sign and someone magically slips us the lottery numbers we are GOOD… kidding!

We aren’t about not hugging! We are huggers… sorry! When you see us you are getting one.

We aren’t about routine or schedules. We just go with the flow.

We aren’t the greatest at grammar. There, their, then, than, you’re and your can all have each other!

Now it’s your turn…. what are you NOT about? Sorry if the grammar in that question doesn’t make sense. Feels good when you get it off your chest!


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