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This is US this episode got us!

And just like that last night we were brought back to the moment so many of us have experienced… the moment that you can’t even believe…. the moment you replay in your head daily … you think it’s a dream… you’re in a haze… the moment you have been taken by surprise in the most worst possible way. The moment they say he’s gone, he’s dead, we’re sorry. Yes your life at the moment flashes before your eyes, you try to remember every last discussion, memory, kiss, hug and even how you said goodbye because you never realized it was the last goodbye.

Thank you to NBC This Is US for portraying life after death of a parents and more so how it feels to lose someone so unexpectedly. Our dad died of the same type of heart attack Jack did a catastrophic one- massive heart attack. Last night reminded us that we are on the right track of building memories and we better put our VHS videos in the CLOUD . (😂)

It’s incredible how one tv show can connect us all so much and remind us that mourning a loved one never gets better or goes away. The best thing to all of this, is realizing none of us are alone and we are all united through those feelings. Cheers to Jack and finally finding out how he died and to all of us coping like the Pearsons.

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