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The GG Sisters Looking Fresh

And just like that after a night of no sleep for Josie a morning full of work stuff for Laura. We clean up nicely! We look good and we feel good. And yes we said that about ourselves because when was the last time you gave yourself a compliment and more importantly accepted one. Tonight we are at a VIP shopping event with @joefresh. Tune in live now to we will show you some of our fave fall picks. Here’s what we love about Joe fresh. Laura loves that they finally have an extended size section. The sizes are great and the jeans feel like tights so comfy. The prices are affordable and Laura’s outfit was $68. Jos loves that Joe Fresh is found in a grocery store so she can shop groceries and clothes all at the same time for the entire family. Josie’s outfit is $49 and she loves it because it’s easy access when she has to breastfeed.


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