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The Attitude of Gratitude during the Holidays

There are so many words bombarding us at this time of year – gifts, sale, appreciation. You know what word is attractive to Josie and me? Gratitude. It comes from the Latin word gratus and is defined as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Many corporations try to show gratitude, but in our opinion, there is one that not only shows it, but also embodies it, RBC.

Over the past couple of months, we have demonstrated to you how RBC is much more than a bank where we store our savings. It is a place that takes its client responsibilities seriously while also showing appreciation for those who use their services.

Below are our top ways that RBC is showing gratitude at this time of year and all year round.


Who doesn’t like rewards? Come on, we all have one or two (or maybe more) reward cards in our wallets – I think I counted 5 last time I looked. What I like about RBC Rewards is that members have flexibility and choice when redeeming points; especially during the holiday season. Check it out, you can pick from top brands including Bose, Samsung, Dyson, S’well and more. You can even redeem points for gift cards!

Shopping can also be a rewarding experience with RBC. Members can earn bonus points when shopping at stores such as Indigo and Starbucks. I know both of these were on my Santa list. How about you?

And the part I really like, RBC Rewards allows members to use their phone to pay with points while shopping in-store, allowing you to treat yourself (or the person behind you in line) to a coffee without touching your bank balance.

Avion Holiday Boutique

Speaking of gratitude, have any of our RBC Avion card holders tried The Avion Holiday Boutique? Open now until December 26, 2018 at CF Sherway Gardens, this beautiful cabin-looking boutique offers Avioners exclusive access to:

  • Valet Service

  • Coat and Parcel Check

  • Gift Wrapping

  • VIP Lounge and Café

  • Gift Guide Concierge

  • Porter Service


This is the gift that keeps on giving. With every purchase, NOMI Find & Save (found in the RBC Mobile app) helps you find those extra dollars and cents. It will learn your transaction patterns and help you set aside a few dollars, for a maximum of $50/day, up to five times per week; helping you save for the future. You are always in control and informed as NOMI Find & Save will notify you when money is found and give you approval before its transferred.

Clients who are actively using NOMI Find & Save are saving an average of $140 a month. Imagine that. What would you do with over $1,500 at the end of the year?

Card Controls

I can’t help but feel that RBC has my back. Knowing this time of year is rife for losing credit cards (with so much in my hands and on my mind, I have been known to forget my card at a checkout counter). But thankfully, RBC has introduced a new feature to their mobile app – credit card controls. Meaning, if at any time you lose or misplace your credit card, you can simply lock, or better yet, unlock your card through the RBC Mobile app.

Here is how it works:

  • Lock your RBC credit card temporarily at any time. Simply log in to the RBC Mobile app and choose the card you want to lock, when you need to.

  • When your card is locked, all cash advances and purchases either online or in person will be declined.

  • You can still make payments to your card; pre-authorized payments will continue to be paid and you can use your RBC Rewards points while it’s locked.

  • Found your card? Great! You can just as easily unlock it by logging in to the RBC Mobile app to unlock your card. No more going through the hassle of cancelling the card only to find it a few hours later!

These are just a few ways that RBC is helping us out during the holidays to make things run a little more smoothly. It might be a busy time – but we wouldn’t change it! Happy Holidays!

This post is sponsored by RBC however all thoughts and ideas are our own.


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