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Pink Shirt Day at Vaughan Mills #makekindnessyourstyle

You know what’s awesome? That we all came together to bring awareness to PINK SHIRT DAY thanks to Vaughan Mills Malls and Katie Zeppieri from Girl Talk Empowerment. Katie Zeppieri started off the event with a great speech about bullying and it’s impacts on everyone, she didn’t sugar coat what can happen when someone is being bullied, she got right to the core of what happens when it is too late.

We did a quick look across the room and saw our future ( youth) look up to her & listen to her words of wisdom and encouragement. She is truly an ambassador of positivity and uniqueness in the youth community.

As the night went on we loved seeing youtubers such as Megan De Angelis get intimate and interactive with the crowd by answering all their questions when it came to bullying. No questions were off limits.

Vaughan Mills you truly created something special last night for families in the community and made an impact to not only us as parents but our children. Thank you from the bottom of our pink hearts, we hope to see more events like this. In case you missed it this is a vid of our night. We are all about the visual experience!


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