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Our secret to balance

OUR SECRET TO BALANCE, we don’t. One day we could be dressing up with a unicorn headband for a brand and the other day we could be in a board room discussing HR policies for Cannabis in the workplace. One day we could be at in an elevator with the guy from Entourage and the next day plunging a toilet with a snake for the first time. One day we could be in PJ’s all day playing games with our kids and the next day working 12 hours. When we get asked how we do it all, we honestly say we DON’T. We take one day at a time, we do what makes us happy and that’s our version of balance. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, exhausted, empowered, anxious, excited, that’s ok we feel those too and we are happy leading a perfectly imbalanced, take each day as it comes kinda life.


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