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It’s all about the Nursery Water

Disclosure- While we were compensated, the opinions expressed are our own.

I am about to get real here – what is one of the most hotly debated, and let’s be honest judged, topics surrounding parenthood. It is not “do I drink coffee while I am pregnant”. Nor is it Montessori versus local school board. No, those topics are child’s play compare to the lively discussions surrounding breast versus bottle.

As most of you know, Alessandro is my second child. Even though work has been crazy busy, I have loved every aspect of my pregnancy and second-time-around motherhood. I have treasured the special moments and have made a conscious effort to be present for every milestone. Daminano and I have made all our decisions together, determining what is best for our family. So, when we decided to both breast and formula feed, we did so together. We researched and equipped ourselves with information: what formula to use, how to create the best bond between parents and baby and how to ensure our newest addition to the family is getting the best possible start in life. Together, we decided Nursery Water was the best to mix with formula.

I made the choice to bottle feed for a number of reasons. For example, with my first pregnancy, I did not enjoy pumping and found it to be painful. I wanted Daminano to help with feeding Alessandro, so we agreed that formula mixed with Nursery Water was a great option. Also, with my busy schedule, I needed the flexibility to feed him on the go or to have someone help me with feeding. There were other reasons, but these two were my primary ones.

What made us choose Nursery Water over simply turning on the tap? Well, for starters we all know that it isn’t just as simple as turning on the tap. The water has to be boiled and then cooled. I simply do not have time for that. I also like that Nursery Water is distilled and that I can choose to use it with or without fluoride (another hot topic! But let’s not go there). In addition to using it in his formula, I add the Nursery Water to the baby cereal I am feeing Alessandro. I like to know the water is distilled and good for him.

Since starting to use Nursery Water with Gianmarco, I have decided to also use it with Alessandro. I use it when watering down his juice at snack time or when I make him a sippy cup of water for our nightly neighbourhood walks.

I know we this will always be a hot button topic for moms. But really, I am happy with our decision and the knowledge that our kids are getting clean, distilled water. Nursery Water gives me that much needed peace of mind.

Disclosure- While we were compensated, the opinions expressed are our own.


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