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I get it..

It’s been a week… I have been living out of a car and suitcase because of the flood in my house in April and insurance finally started renovations in my house. I’ve been driving 30 to 40 minutes every day from Laura’s house to GM’s school. Then getting there and GM crying because grade 1 is still new to him, baby crying on the one hip and trying to deal with work stuff all at the same time. I was supposed to go in to work today and visit some stores, but I’m listening to my body and heart. Sleeping in and taking the day off. I am in by no means complaining… I’m posting this to say three things. 1) It could always be worse 2) Never judge a mom because you don’t know the night, day or week she’s had or if she has been pee’d on (LOL) 3) You aren’t alone if this week really kicked the you know what out of you. We are all moms just trying our hardest and sometimes we just need a break. So when you see a mom in public with crying kids- smile and let her know you get it. Sometimes that’s all we need. #igetit


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