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How do you do it?

We get a few questions daily from some of you asking how we do it? How we have the energy? Some of you saying that your exhausted just watching us, because you don’t know how we accomplish so much in so little time. The answer is simple.. FEAR.. we are scared shitless that we are going to wake up tomorrow and it could all be taken away from us. That’s why we can’t sit still, it’s what makes us tick… so we work hard but play HARDER. Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Because of this fear we will be probably be broke one day, we will forgive easily, we will love harder, we will be more spontaneous than most, and we will live with NO REGRETS. You have one life so live in FEAR that you may not get tomorrow so you have no choice to make and live everyday like it was your last. LIVE FOR NOW❤.


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