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Have Courage Little Bear!

If there is one quality I want my little man to cherish for the rest of his life it’s COURAGE. Courage to say NO, Courage to say YES. Courage to say I love you and the Courage to walk away. The Courage to speak up and the Courage to just listen. The Courage to want more from life and the Courage to deal with having less. The Courage to be strong and the Courage to be weak. The Courage to be happy and the Courage to be sad. The Courage to understand loss and the Courage to appreciate what life gives you. We celebrated GM’s SK graduation yesterday and my goodness the tears were flowing. I know so many of you celebrated your kids grads too. Whether it’s SK, Grade 8, high school our college and university we are so proud of our babies, yet so sad they are growing up. Here’s to us parents wondering if we are doing it right, we ARE and we are so lucky to celebrate these milestones by their side. This is the beginning of whatever you want my little bear❤️.


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