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GIVE the GIFT of GIVING for 2017

Walking through the chaos of the malls, trying to find a parking spot, shopping online, wrapping gifts, trying to find the most coveted gift of the season only to find out its sold out- all things that can be easily avoided if we slightly change our wish list this year. What if we change it to the GIVING LIST? Don’t get us wrong, going to malls and the experience of holiday chaos is kind of fun too ( sometimes). What if this year we simplified our lives, and at the same time did some GOOD. Like a unique type of GOOD. Keep reading we have an answer…

Are you ready? What about creating a Evite invitation for your holiday family gathering. So easy and fun, with tons of templates to choose from and a way to GIVE BACK TOO!

For example every year we get together with our families there is about 20 to 30 of us on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. What if this year we spent a little less on “GIFTS” and little more on “GIVES”. Thanks to EVITE they have the perfect platform to do this. All you have to do is create your own Evite invitation for your family, friends or corporate holiday gathering. First step is adding a donation, next step is choosing a Nonprofit and the last step is to set a goal. Evite really does help making getting together effortless and more memorable. What if this years memory wasn’t about opening a ton of gifts, but was based on how your family came together and gave back? This really is the easiest way to bring friends and family together for any event plus helps MAKE MORE MERRY so we could all BE THERE for others and each other. Look of the fun Evite invitation we created below.

Click here to check out our own event we created for our family gathering. We chose to donate to We chose this cause because we as a family we realized we take access to clean water for granted. There is both a need and demand for clean water and loans to attain it. When people have access to safe water, they get time back to go to school, earn an income and take care of their family. It changes their world. For us MOMS that is a big deal! For more than 25 years has been providing families with hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Make your own holiday gathering invitation and choose a Nonprofit that means something to your family. Click here to learn more.

Make More Merry with us and Evites this holiday season. It really is a great way to give effortlessly.

This post is sponsored by Evites and is part of an Evites influencer program. We were paid for this post, however all opinions are our own. We only align and post about items, products and services we believe in.


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