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Don’t cancel that coffee date, we will always be BUSY!

So many times we are guilty of saying, “Let’s do coffee, let’s do lunch, let’s go out.” So many times, we cancel or get caught up in work …and use that as an excuse to cancel. WE do that, yes…US! We always choose work first. We have chosen work first for many years now. A few weeks ago, our friend Renee (pictured above) announced that her cancer came back. She shared a blog post about it, reflecting on this feeling. From her words and her experience, we saw the positive and learned to live each day to the fullest. We were reminded not to sweat the small stuff and to just LOVE everyone and everything around you. Of course, we learned that however we do it, we must make the TIME. So here’s what we want you all to do.. first of all follow our friend, @mscmommylife. She is passionate about sharing her story and helping others. Secondly, we encourage you to FORGIVE. Forgiveness, in our eyes, is freedom. If their is someone who upset you or did you wrong, just forgive them, learn from your experience, and move on. Don’t bother informing these people that you forgave them, just forgive them internally and move along. Lastly, DON’T (or try your hardest not to) cancel that coffee date, quick bite, or planned night out with friends because you are BUSY and have work to do. The reality is that we will always be busy. This was us last night after living our best life having Dunkin donuts, shopping at Target for 2.5 hours, eating unlimited garlic bread and salad at Olive Garden for two hours and just enjoying our time with dear friends.

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