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Can you buy us a Horsey now?

We were invited to Cavalia Odysseo this past weekend. We decided to take the kids and what an incredible experience it was.

We were treated like true VIP with catered buffet lunch which included a special section for kids, called the Kids Corner- hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, cookies, and popcorn to have during the show. For adults they had a lovely spread of salads, breads, cold seafood shrimp and salmon, pieces of beef, kale salad and more. During intermission we were then treated to a dessert buffet with fine cheeses, fruit, pies and cake. Open bar with access to wine, pop, juice and coffee. WOWOW! If you go, go VIP!

We were whisked way to our seats and were in 5th row centre, which gave us the perfect view of the stage and gave the kids perfect views of the horses. The set is like a magical forest when you first walk in and then transforms with a variety of scenes from a carousel scene, double riders, aeralists, and an the finale a water spectacular. We were impressed to see that within minutes the stage transformed into a full lake.

If you have children this is a must to take them to. The entire facility is family friendly with couches and stroller parking behind the seating and ample washrooms.

For more info and tickets click here:

Show is here until July 16th, 2017

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