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Call Mommy get her to put a deposit on Seasons Little Lake!

You’re probably wondering what this post is all about and why the title.

On Tuesday we played “hooky” from work and took off to Midland to learn about this up and coming community residential and resort community. Not only was it a gorgeous day, we were able to visit a town only 1.5 hours away from Toronto, that we had never visited before.

Here’s the thing right now the housing market in the GTA is crazy! Houses for new families are just not affordable, so moving to Midland at prices in the 200k to 300k range are more realistic for families in our demographic. What is even more attractive is you get the luxurious style community without paying the luxurious GTA prices. The thing that really sold us was not only could you live here but it is a resort style community, so you can make this your second home. We always dreamed of having a family cottage, however we aren’t the outdoorsy, make your own fire type of family. We would prefer to have a pool, games room etc. We like the idea of having a cottage, yet the feeling that you’re at a resort. This is why this community is perfect for our family- they have a members club.

As we were going through the options at the presentation center, including the prices it kept growing on us. This would be a great idea for our MOM to invest with us. As you know our dad passed away 6 years ago, so anything we do – we do together as a family and it involves our MOM. Prices for a home here can range in the 200’s to 300’s based on size.

Here are 10 reasons we would buy property here:

  1. Only 90 minutes north of Toronto & 45 minutes from Barrie & Orillia

  2. 10,000 Sq.Ft. Members Club with indoor/outdoor pools, a fitness facility, tennis centre, indoor pickle ball, recreational & meeting rooms

  3. Located on Little Lake, a protected 323-acre lake featuring boating and fishing

  4. Affordable prices -CONDOMINIUM TOWNS AND SEMIS FROM THE $200s

  5. Multipurpose gymnasium for year-round activities, including basketball, pickleball, and badminton

  6. 2,300 feet of shoreline featuring 941 feet of lakefront boardwalk

  7. Minutes to downtown Midland and Georgian Bay

  8. Beautiful Marina in the downtown core with great restaurants

  9. Aerobics, yoga, pilates, dance classes

  10. Cooking classes in a state-of-the-art kitchen

Watch our video below and see why we need to call Mommy to put a deposit. Yes we still call her “Mommy”, even though we are in our 30’s.


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