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Before you post a bad review online about a business remember they are just like YOU!

Behind every small business owner, blogger, vlogger, employee, friend, service worker is a mom, daughter, husband, wife, dad, etc…Remember everything they are selling, posting, creating, showing etc is because they have a goal and a purpose. Something we are all UNITED by. Before you judge, post a bad review, act in anger because someone may have missed something in your order, you had to wait a little longer, or you don’t agree on someone’s opinion. Remember they are doing everything because they have a purpose and a goal in mind. GIVE them a chance to rectify. We are human and all make mistakes. If they don’t rectify then you have every right to voice your opinion. This pic right here is our WHY, OUR GOAL, OUR PURPOSE. So now here’s our question to all of you. If you had a bad experience at a restaurant or store etc do you rush to post about it online or do you contact the business and give them a chance to rectify it? If we had to give any piece of advice from being on both sides. We hope you give the business owner a chance. One of the biggest struggles business owners FACE today is unfair negative online business reviews. They can affect someone’s business by nearly 30%. Just putting this PSA out there because sometimes you never know how much a negative review can affect a business. You can also reach out to a small business owner and offer constructive criticism that will help them as well. If you had an amazing experience you should post about that too, you are helping someone more than you will ever know. One day we will share our story about our very first negative review from 2011 and how it affected us. We challenge each of you today to spread positive vibes and review POSITIVELY 3 of your fave small businesses. Give a 5 star Facebook review or a 5 star google review. Your review goes a long way and gives that small business owner the inspiration they need. #sundayvibes #weareallconnectedbythesamepurpose


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