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A story and struggle behind a picture

#tbt 2014 There is a story behind every picture. This is a photo of Josie, still smiling at a Glama Gal event, all dressed up in GG attire (not sure about those pink furry boots or tutu though), even though the day before we paid for a BIG MISTAKE, which we have certainly learned from. If you saw our post last week, we asked you what choice you think we made in regards to franchising. Well, we made the choice of C- to partner with a franchise consultant that became a 25% shareholder. After 2 years of realizing we weren’t aligned with our franchise consultant. After 2 years of realizing that this partner was only interested in the financial gain and nothing else. After 2 years of realizing we should have asked more questions, we trusted to easily, we decided we had no choice but to buy out the 25% partner and put ourselves in extreme debt (still paying for it today). This was in 2014. It cost us more than money, it caused us tears, heartache and even some health issues. In reflecting on this loss now, we realize that it was actually a GAIN- a lesson, and the moment we took back what was ours. We needed something like this to happen so we could learn to work harder, and keep hustling no matter what. Imagine everything in life came easy? What would we be working for, thriving for? This lesson, though not as clear at first, is one that we have learned from and grown stronger from. Why are we sharing this? Because we all need a reminder that we have survived and overcome all of our worst days and this was one of them. Everything is a lesson. EVERYTHING. We all have a story this is a BIG part of ours.❤️


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