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A miracle for moms like us on the go…

As moms on the go, that means snacks and drinks on the go for the kids to. It’s important we find drinking cups for the kids that are safe, efficient, innovative, easy to clean and easy for the kids to use. This is where Munchkin kids. We are going to spotlight our top 3 must have cups for kids plus watch our VLOG on how they all work and why we love them so much.

Pick 1: Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup -360 Degree drinking edge- You really have to see it to believe it. It avoids SPILLS!! -When the child stops drinking it automatically seals -It is dentist recommended because it has a spoutless design -Ella who is 8 years old uses it too! Great for older kids. -BPA FREE & so so so easy to clean!

Pick 2: Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup -Perfect transition from baby bottle to sippy cup -Great for babies to hold it like a bottle but sip from a straw. -The weighted straw goes where the baby goes perfect for on the go (our lifestyle) -Munchkin stands behind their product and has a no-leak promise with a 100% replacement guarantee! -Alessandro loves this cup and he is 10 months

Pick 3: Snack Catch & Sip -This exactly what it’s called -The ultimate 2 in 1 cup that has more uses than one -Mini storage area on the top for snacks and beverage on the bottom -Don’t have to lug around all different containers it truly is the ULTIMATE all one in one. -Their is a spill proof straw that prevents leaks -The cup capacity is 9 ounces and the snack capacity is 4 ounces

Watch our Munchkin Minutes Episode as we discuss these amazing Munchkin Items:

Disclosure- While we were compensated, the opinions expressed are our own.


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