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A GLAMPing GoodNite

This past weekend we were invited by GoodNites to participate in a 24 hour camping getaway with the entire family. At first we thought hmmm maybe not for us we aren’t really campers. After they told us it was GLAMPING, we quickly changed our mind. Check out the Long Point in Ontario it is luxury camping at its finest with a winery across the street. Need we say more…

The premise of the trip was to bond as a family, get away from the city for 24 hours and learn about nighttime wetting and how we can help our kids and other kids in this stage of life. The sad part of all of this is that some kids going through the nighttime wetting stage refrain from participating in overnight getaways, trips, sleep overs etc., due to fear and anxiety that nighttime wetting causes them. Thankfully the GoodNites brand brought in family therapist and expert Michele Kambolis to discuss tools to manage nighttime bed wetting anywhere.

Our children were lucky enough to participate in some of Michele’s mindfulness and stress reducing activities. One of the highlights was her introduction of the “Worry Eater” to our family. It’s a fuzzy wuzzy soft animal that eats their worries away and creates dialogue for us as parents to have with our children. This is a great tool to have for children going through the nighttime wetting stage or anything else in life that is worrying them.

The following day the kids kicked off their day with a mindfulness breathing session, Conquer Monkey Mind with Square Breathing, and Sponge-Squeezing Thought Buster. The latter activity was one of our faves. The kids were able to squeeze out any stress they had with a sponge and water.

Watch the full vlog below.

This was a great experience for our family and educational for us as parents. One of the other things we forgot to mention is we received a whole bunch of goodies in our room from the team at GoodNites. Our kids genuinely loved the design of the GoodNites Bedtime Pants, as it was geared towards their age group. We loved the line for older kids which are mature with stripes and neutral colours, staying away from cartoon characters. Size go up to XL.

Some facts you should know- Nighttime wetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, aff­ects 1 in 6 children between the ages of 4 – 12, so it’s quite common and not something you or your child should be worried about – they’ll grow out it.

Here is a PDF that you can download that is a guide to nighttime wetting, travel tips and when kids spend the night away from mom parents. We will also included some nighttime wetting mindfulness activities for you to download.

The biggest take away from this event for us is that nighttime wetting is a STAGE. We cannot punish or get mad at our children for something that is out of their control. We have to arm them with tools during the stage and flood them with confidence and positivity.

Watch our full vlog here:

And in case you missed us LIVE here was our interview with Michele Kambolis

DISCLOSURE: Even though were invited to this camping getaway by GoodNites, all thoughts and reviews are our own. Photo Credit- Teddy Chau


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