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3 P’s- Purpose, Passion & Positivity

It’s all about the 3 P’s. We get tons of messages from people asking about wanting to start a business, where do I start, how do I start, what do I need to do. While their is tons of admins stuff to do before you start any business. We think the most VIP thing is the three P’s. What’s the PURPOSE of your business? Why is your business’ purpose different than anyone else’s? Do you have a PASSION for this business? Did you just wake up and decide you wanted to start a business or has it been on your mind for days, hours, months. Are you thinking about it? Are you ready to put in long hours, deal with the highs and lows of running a business, does your business make you happy when you speak about it? Lastly POSITIVITY… This is a quality so hard to master. When faced with adversity or negativity are you going to respond with positivity or are your able to turn a negative into a positive? Are you positive about this business in all aspects and more importantly are you positive this business is your purpose and passion. All three P’s work together so it’s important in anything you do that you have asked yourself the three P’s! Write them down put the answers to them on your fridge, the screensaver on your phone, let the three P’s just sit there so you can reflect on them for a bit. Then make that big jump…because it is a BIG JUMP!


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