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To all our teacher friends!

Today’s post is dedicated to all the educators who are going to welcome our kids next week. Today’s post is dedicated to educators like my brother and so many friends who have spent the last month, planning, creating, crafting, and buying, all in an effort to make their classroom an inviting space of learning for your child, including spending this week setting up their classroom. Despite education cut backs and limited resources, we are amazed at how teachers manage to captivate and educate our children daily. To the teachers who have kids of their own and are planning child care, drop offs, outfits, snacks, lunches plus planning for the class- YOU ROCK and we admire you the many hats you wear! To every parent reading this – always remember behind every great teacher is a great teacher that inspired that teacher to become a teacher. And keep in mind that every teacher is someone’s mom, daughter, son, father, friend etc. Cheers to all of the teachers out there and congratulations on the start of another year. We know how much you care and we know that you haven’t stopped caring all summer long.


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