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Smell be GONE from the NURSERY!

If there is one thing we know as moms- it’s that diapers can be super smelly. It’s not the most luxurious topic but let’s be real and chat this one out. From when you dump every diaper in- the opening and closing of a pail brings an unwanted stench to the room. Now cue in the Munchkin Harm and Hammer Step Diaper Pail to save the day. The dreaded opening and closing of the diaper pail is gone and the room smells like “lavender”. AHH the joy for a new mom or any mom for that matter. Laura wishes she had this seven years ago when Ella was a baby.

The innovation of this is brilliant. As usual Munchkin takes it one step further and for every Step Diaper Pail purchased a tree is planted.

We should add the step part is super easy for a mom who has baby in one hand and that dirty diaper in the other. Now it is on the pricey side but let’s be real you pay for what you get. WHY I LOVE IT- No assembly required, it’s ready to go right out of the box, you are helping the environment by planting a tree, no more smelly nursery, no more cringing as you open and close the pail and it’s pretty modern looking too!

This is me- GG JOS using it on our weekly LIVE SHOW. Watch below !!

I know how much you love seeing Mr. A. Look how much he has grown and he’s sitting on his own now too. On a side note he’s smiling because the room smells like lavender thanks to the scented bags from the Step Diaper pail. You know I won’t recommend or talk about something unless I love it. Munchkin for the win again. Nice smelling baby room= HAPPY MOM.

This post is sponsored by Munchkin Canada however all thoughts and ideas are our own.


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