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Perfectly Imperfect

Had a conversation last night with someone who said social media creates an illusion to everyone that everyone’s life is perfect and that this causes further issues for those watching who don’t have that perfect life that is portrayed on social media. Of course we argue to say no ones life is perfect. Every person, family, etc has their struggles etc. No one is perfect so if anyone is having a down day by thinking and comparing to what they see on social media, spread the messaging that everyone is going through something. Today is about being thankful for our perfectly imperfect kind of life. Let’s make not being perfect the new COOL. Josie and myself have always been honest with all of you and today as much as we are grateful for our family, friend and our health. We want to say thank you for accepting our honesty on all our platforms, thank you for supporting us when we bring up our passed away dad, thank you for telling us you are working too when we say we are working late nights and weekends, thank you for listening when we say money isn’t everything, thank your for being so positive and supportive when we spotlight various entrepreneurs on our Momspiration Mondays, thank you for not pointing out our bad grammar, and most of all thank you for being kind to us and the rest of our family. We wish you all the most perfectly imperfect Thanksgiving Day and LIFE!


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