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5 ways to prepare for summer at the cottage

The Victoria Day long weekend in Canada is more than just a holiday; it signifies the start of spring, and more importantly, the beginning of cottage season. We pack the car to the brim, battle weekend traffic and begin the summer pilgrimage out of the city. While spring has sprung, so has allergy and bug bite season.

We all know what we are talking about. Runny eyes, stuffy noses and itchy skin. Who are the culprits?



Dust Mites.


And we all know where we can find them lurking, waiting for your arrival. You guessed it – at the cottage. While winter was raging on outside; inside, your cottage was getting ready for allergy season, attracting all kinds of allergens.

As adults, we know what to expect and how best to combat these annoying side effects of spring, but as kids, the constant sneezing, running noses, and hives can not only be bothersome, they can be downright embarrassing. As parents, we do not want to add to our kids troubles, we want to help them.

Lucky for us, Benadryl recognizes this as an issue and has products that are the number one recommendation by pharmacists and physicians. They are parent-tested and trusted and their products work because they contain an ingredient called diphenhydramine hydrochloride, which is an antihistamine that blocks the action of histamine in the body and helps to quickly relieve those symptoms.

That is why the products offered by Benadryl are so important.

Here are our top 5 ways we prepare for summer at the cottage:

  • As Benadryl Moms, we always make sure to stock up on our must have items – Benadryl Relief stick, Children’s Benadryl Liquid & Children’s Benadryl Chewables. Side note: we have multiple Relief sticks on-hand at the cottage so we’re always prepared for unexpected allergic reactions. One for the deck, one for the beach and one for just in case.

  • Remove standing water from any areas around the cottage.

  • Set-up an electric fan outside. It’san easy way to reduce the number of mosquito bites to your bare skin, as it’ll hinder their ability to reach you.

  • Set up and clean your patio and deck furniture.

  • Do the mosquito dance… Around the campfire!

Last summer the kids would panic when they would get a mosquito bite. Thankfully, a friend recommended the Benadryl Itch Relief Stick and the moment we would put it on them it was instant relief, giving both them and us piece of mind. We love that they’re able to enjoy summer outdoors without the fear of the itch.

While, we are officially ready to prepare for our 2nd great summer at the cottage, we also need to remember that unexpected allergic reactions can strike at any time. As parents it is our responsibility to be aware of the symptoms and to help our kids; preventing uncomfortable situations both physically and mentally. Benadryl has given us the tools to arm ourselves with. Not only are we armed with the Benadryl Relief Stick, we also have Benadryl Chewables and Liquid in our cabinets. And well, in total honesty, we even keep Benadryl for the kids in the car. Because you just never know.

So, here’s to prepping our cottage and our family for a safe, happy and less itchy summer 2019!

Who is excited for the long weekend?

*Disclaimer- This blog post was sponsored by Benadryl; however, all thoughts and ideas are our own. *


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